What benefits does labour leasing guarantee?

Employee leasing is a service whereby employees are hired from a temporary recruitment agency by a company that needs additional labour for a specific period of time. This is a beneficial solution for many companies. Find out why.

What is labour leasing?

Employee leasing is the lending of temporary employees by an agency to another employer for a specific period of time or to perform a specific task. It is an advantageous solution for companies that need a flexible and cost-effective way of employing staff.

It is also a way of saving time and money, as well as reducing staffing risks. Leasing makes it possible to deal with staff shortages. It is typically used in seasonal industries or those with varying volumes of work throughout the year.

Employee leasing - advantages

Convenience. Employee leasing is a modern way of recruiting. It allows staff shortages to be filled quickly while reducing expenses. The possibility of temporary work is a good solution if the business is seasonal or concerns the implementation of a one-off project.

Flexibility.Employee leasing allows you to adapt your workforce to the rapidly changing needs and requirements of your business. The current labour market is highly dynamic. When a greater need for employees arises, the company can use the services of a temporary recruitment agency at short notice.

This means no long-term employment costs. Employees work in accordance with the Temporary Employment Act.

High quality employees.Temporary recruitment agencies usually apply strict standards when recruiting employees and provide support during employment. This allows the hiring of qualified and experienced workers to meet the requirements of a given project.

Saving time and money.An employer using employee leasing does not have to carry out the recruitment and selection process itself. The temporary recruitment agency provides appropriately trained employees who are immediately ready to start work.

Risk reduction.The agency that leases the workers bears full responsibility for the employment, including any accidents at work, employee turnover, sick leave and insurance and remuneration issues.

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